Dorin Baba visual artist

Dorin Baba

Born on July 24, 1963, Iasi
Studies: 1989-1995 Arts University "G. Enescu" Iasi, Faculty of Fine and Decorative Art and Design,Speciality: Painting
2006-2008 Master studies, Al.I.Cuza University, Faculty of Philosophie, Philosophie of Art and Cultural Management
2007-2008 Socrates/Erasmus Programme, Universita degli Studi di Bari, Italy
2012-2015 Doctoral Studies, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Faculty of Philosophy and Social-Political; Research Topic: "Ethical dilemmas in contemporary art"
2014-2015 Fellow in the project "Researchers competitive at European level in the field of humanities and socio-economic. Multiregional Network Research (CEPR)"
Member of Romanian Artists Union.

Artistic projects
2022 Iasi, Institut Francais, "Chanson infinie" - Novembre Numerique (installation)
2020 Iasi, Victoria Art Gallery, " beyond human " - (video, installations)
2019 Iasi, Art Museum, "Augmented Reality" - (video, installations) - UAPR Iasi Award for Exhibition Project, ARTIS 2019
2019 Iasi, Institut Francais, "Ostentation" - (video, installations, animation)
2018 Iasi, Victoria Art Gallery, "H+ Transhumanity" - (video, installations) - The UAPR Award for MULTIMEDIA, Tg. Jiu, 2019
2016 Iasi, Dana Art Gallery, "PRACTICES. POLICIES. EFFECTS." - (video, installations)
2014 Iasi, Dana Art Gallery, "EGREDIOR - She could act as a gift" - artistic experiment (installation, performance) - in partnership with Marius Sidovius
2013 Iasi, Cupola Gallery, "Chocolate red and smiling people" - artistic experiment (installation, performance)
2010 Sarajevo, New Temple Gallery - XXVI International Festival Sarajevo "Sarajevo Winter", "Mental Hologram" - video installation
2009 Iasi, Cupola Gallery, "Listen to the man near" - artistic experiment and protest versus Law of interceptions for telephone conversations (installation, performance)

Group exhibitions
2023 Iasi - Yearly Exhibition of plastic artists "ARTIS" - Grand prize nomination
2020 Carei, "Flash Memory", The 5th EIBAB (European International Book Art Biennale), Book as ®evolution, Award for INNOVATION
2017 Aarhus, Denmark - Contemporary Romania Painting in Aarhus - ICR Stockholm, Embassy of Romania in the Kingdom of Denmark, City Hall Aarhus
2017 Paris, France, Espace Culturel Christiane Peugeot - Retrospective of Romanian Contemporary Painting, ICR Paris, Soleil de l’Ést
2015 Bratislava, Slovakia - "Contemporary Romanian Artists' Foyer of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic
2015 Bucharest - Sublime / Beyond imagination / April 2015 / No.88 project
2014 Brussels, Belgium - "contemporary Romanian artists in Francophone space", Permanent Representation of Romania to the EU
2012 Barcelona, Spain - "Barcelona Showcase" - International exhibition of contemporary Art, Casa Battlo
2012 Paris, France - "Romanian Contemporary Painting Salon" - Cite Internationale des Arts - (Grand Prix "Les pieds sur la terre")
2012 Iasi - "Angels", Art Gallery of Iasi
2011 Hague, Netherlands - "Contemporary romanian artists" - OEB Gallery
2011 Tours, France - "Romanian artists" - "Maurice Mathurin" Gallery
2010 New York, USA - Global Art Perspectives: Art 2010 Annual Preview, Broadway Gallery
2010 Bucharest - "Romanian artists invited invited in France" - "Brancusi" Gallery, Palace of the Parliament, organized by Soleil de l'Est Association
2008 Bucharest - Senso Gallery
2008 Iasi - "Erotica" exhibition, Cupola Gallery
2008 Iasi, Bekero Gallery
2007 Bucharest - TIAV'2007 (6-th edition), International Contemporary Art Fair, Romexpo
2007 Iasi - "Spiritual valences" exhibition, Cupola Gallery
2007 Firenze, Italy - Biennale dell'Arte Contemporanea di Firenze, Fortezza da Basso
2006 Bucharest - National Saloon of Art - "Brancusi" Gallery, Palace of the Parliament
2006 Bucharest - Atelier de Creation "Les couleurs de la Francophonie" (XI-eme Sommet de la Francophonie), CEC Palace
2005 Iasi - "Impression" exhibition - Cupola Gallery
2004 Iasi - "Metamorphosis" exhibition - World Trade Center
2002 Bucharest - TIAV'2002 (5-th edition), National Theatre (International Contemporary Art Fair)
2002 Marbela, Spain - 4-th edition of International Exhibition of E-mails of Artists, International Contemporary Art Fair
2002 Yokohama, Japan - Internet International Art Contest (7-th editition)
2001 Marbela, Spain - 3-rd edition of International Exhibition of E-mails of Artists, International Contemporary Art Fair
2001 Yokohama, Japan - Internet International Art Contest (6-th editition)
2001 Bad Kissingen, Germany - "Visionen 2001"
2001 Bucharest - Yearly Exhibition of plastic artists, Romexpo
2001 Bucharest - Apollo Gallery
2001 Bucharest - TIAV'2001 (4-th edition), National Theatre (International Contemporary Art Fair)
2001 Iasi - "SIGN 2", Cupola Gallery
2000 Bad Kissingen, Germany - "Visionen 2000"
2000 Bucharest - TIAV'2000 (3-rd edition)
2000 Buzau - Biennial Exhibition "Ion Andreescu"
1999 Bucharest - TIAV'99 (2-nd) - The Presidential Palace of Cotroceni, under the High Patronage of the President of Romania
1999 Iasi - German Cultural Center
1998 Bucharest - TIAV'98 (1-st edition) - Romanian National Art Museum
1998 Targoviste - Biennial Exhibition "Gh. Petrascu"
1998 Buzau - Biennial Exhibition "Ion Andreescu"
1998-2004 Chisinau Bacau - all editions of the Moldavia Yearly Exhibition
1997, 1999, 2005 Piatra Neamt - Biennial Exhibition "Lascar Vorel"
1995-2006 Iasi - all editions of the Yearly Exhibition of plastic artists "ART'IS"
1994 Timisoara - Studentfest, Banat Museum

Solo exhibitions
2008 Cluj Napoca - "Alianta Artelor" Gallery
2007 Bucuresti - Senso Gallery
2006 Bucuresti - Artis Gallery
2006 Bucuresti - Ana Art Gallery
2005 Piatra Neamt - Top Art Gallery
2003 Iasi - Cupola Gallery
2001 Iasi - Cupola Gallery
1999 Piatra Neamt - Art Gallery
1999 Barlad - "Nicolae Tonitza" Gallery
1998 Iasi - Underground Galleries - Pogor Museum
1998 Iasi - Cupola Gallery
1995 Iasi - Trianon Gallery

2023 Grand prize nomination, Yearly Exhibition of plastic artists "ARTIS", Iasi
2020 Award for INNOVATION, The 5th EIBAB (European International Book Art Biennale)
2019 The UAPR Award for MULTIMEDIA, Tg. Jiu, Romania
2019 UAPR Iasi Award for Exhibition Project, ARTIS 2019, Iasi, Romania
2012 Grand Prix "Les pieds sur la terre" - "Romanian Contemporary Painting Salon" - Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris
2004 "Eminescu" Price and "Silver Linden Tree" Medal ("Teiul de Argint") for visual arts, 3-rd edition - Ipotesti, Romania
2003 "Theodor Pallady" Price for painting (ARTIS 2003) - Iasi, Romania and Excellency Diploma from Iasi Townhouse for artistic activity
2002 Internet International Art Contest (7-th edition) - Japan Yokohama, Japan
2001 Internet International Art Contest (6-th edition) - Japan Yokohama, Japan
1998 Biennial Exhibition "Gh. Petrascu" - Targoviste, Romania

Artistic residencies, Scholarships, Research traineeships, Travel documentation
Venezia, Italy - December 2007, August 2009, November 2017
London, United Kingdom - March-August 2017
Rome, Italy - October 2016
Chieti-Pescara, Italy - July 2015, Università "G. d'Annunzio" di Chieti – Pescara
Gentioux, France - August 2013, International Art Residency
Barcelona, Spain - July 2012
Paris, France - May 2010, March 2012
Briare, France - May 2010, Artist residency organized by Soleil de l'Est Association - The spring session, Castle Trousse-Barriere, Briare the Canal, Comunn located on the Loire Valley
Firenze, Italy - December 2007
Bari, Italy - October 2007-February 2008, Universita degli Studi di Bari

Conferences and Publications
Hermenia-Journal of Hermeneutics, Art Theory and Criticism, Issue 24/2020, Topic: Beyond Human, Titlul articol: Transhumanism, evolution and limits

International scientific Conference, Interpersonal communication-Psychological and educational highlights, "Gh. Zane" Institute, Iasi, Romania, May 2018, Dissertation: Dialogical art, aestheticization way for communication and interpersonal relating

International scientific Conference, Ethical and aesthetic in personality development. Personal education and modeling through art, "Gh. Zane" Institute, Iasi, Romania, May 2015, Dissertation: Art between post-moralism and contemporary reality

LUMEN International Conference – Rethinking Social Action. Core Values, Iasi, Romania, April 2015, Dissertation: The relationship between ethical and aesthetic in contemporary art

The challenges of the current academic discourse: Themes, trends, methods, Brasov, Romania, 2014, Dissertation: Autonomism and moralism in contemporary art

Second International Conference on Recent Trends on Social Sciences. Qualitative Theories and Quantitative Models, Università degli studi G. d’Anunzio di Chieti-Pescara, 2014, Dissertation: The ethic and aesthetic in contemporary art

International Conference,Perspectives in the Humanities and Social Sciences: Hinting and Interdisciplinarity, "Al. I. Cuza" University, Iasi, Romania, May 2014, Dissertation: Challenges Raised by Visual Arts in the Approach to Moral Education

ISUD (International Society for Universal Dialogue) - 10th WORLD CONGRESS "The Human Being: its Nature and Functions", Craiova Romania, July 2014, Dissertation: Art and Morality

AGATHOS - An International Review of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 2/2014, Article title: Art and Morality

Philologica Jassyensia, an X, nr. 1(19),supl., 2014, Article title: Visual arts challenges to moral education

The Relationship Between Ethical and Aesthetic in Contemporary Art (Dissertation "Ethical dilemmas in contemporary art"), LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, November 2018 ISBN: 6138388933